The Best Indoor Bike Trainers: Our Reviews

Indoor bike trainers are useful tools for getting in a ride when getting outside is difficult. After all they are far less bulky than exercise equipment or spinning bikes, and you don’t have to worry about wearing a helmet. However, finding the right one requires a bit of research, because you need one that will not only fit your bike but also your living situation, your workout desires, your budget, etc. The most important consideration is whether the trainer will fit your bike. Many trainers only take bicycles with certain wheel sizes, or work best with road bikes instead of mountain bikes. Most bike trainers fit bikes with 26 in., 27 in., and 700 cc wheels. You will also want one with a variety of resistance settings so you can tailor your ride to your needs. If you live in an apartment or shared space, you may need a quiet trainer. Finally, you will want a trainer that has a reputation for stability. Each of the following trainers offer a variety of resistance settings, a quiet operation, and a reputation for stability.

Kurt Kinetic Road Machine Review

Kurt KinneticThe Kinetic Road Machine from Kurt is a fluid bike trainer designed for maximum silence and top-notch performance. This bike trainer possesses several features that set it apart from the competition. For instance, it is designed to be leak-proof, utilizing a magnetic system to close the driveshaft and keep the liquid in. This system solves one of the downsides to other fluid bike trainers. In addition, its lifetime warranty guarantees its lasting performance and construction. The Kinetic utilizes liquid silicon to prevent a loss of performance as the liquid heats up, and also utilizes fans to deflect heat away from the resistance chamber. The result is consistent performance exceeding that of other fluid bike trainers. The Kinetic’s other outstanding features include the ability to accommodate specialty bicycles and the ability to fit a wide range of bicycles. The Kinetic will accommodate bikes with wheel diameters of anywhere from 22 inches to 29 inches. It receives high praise from consumers for its solid construction. The result is a versatile, high-quality bike trainer guaranteed to offer effective performance for any biker.

Conquer Indoor Exercise Trainer Review

ConquerThe Indoor Exercise Trainer from Conquer is a magnetic-resistance bike trainer designed for stability and ease of use. It can accommodate a standard range of bicycles, those with wheels of 26 in., 27 in., and 700 cc. The Conquer possesses a wide steel frame that lends it extra stability for a more secure ride. It receives high praise from consumers for its hefty weight and for its sturdiness when being used. It also receives praise for its relatively quiet performance. The Conquer boasts a quick release lever that makes it simple to install and release the bicycle from the trainer. In addition, it offers seven levels of resistance, allowing you to customize your ride by choosing the level that works best for you. The resistance level can be adjusted by a simple lever on the handlebar. As a result, you can easily adjust your resistance level in one simple step. The result is a high-quality, reliably-performing, easy to use bike trainer that can allow you to continue your cycling workout even when the weather is bad.

Magnet Steel Bicycle Indoor Exercise Trainer Stand

Magnetic Trainer StandThis magnetic resistance bike trainer possesses several features that make it stand out from the competition. Perhaps its most noticeable feature is a low price that makes it affordable for many consumers. It also offers five different levels of resistance, allowing you to customize your training ride to your needs. The trainer allows you to select your resistance level through the use of a simple lever on the handlebars that makes it simple to adjust the resistance in the middle of the workout. In addition, this bike trainer is easy to use, creating minimal noise and folding together for easy storage. Consumers generally report that the bike lives up to its claims of quiet performance. They also give the trainer solid reviews for its stability, even when being used by heavier people. It will securely fit any bicycle with 26 in., 27 in., or 700 cc wheels, and it allows you to adjust the trainer for the very best wheel fit possible. The result is an extremely stable, high-quality, but relatively inexpensive bike trainer.

Indoor Bike Trainer Exercise Stand

GavinThis indoor bike trainer exercise stand is designed to be easy to use. For instance, unlike some other bike trainers, this one allows you to use your bike without making any modifications to the bicycle. This feature makes it easier to install and remove your bicycle at will by simply screwing and unscrewing it from the trainer. A quick release lever also allows you to easily remove the bicycle should you run into any problems during setup. Consumers report that setup, because it is so simple, takes 10 minutes or less. They also report that the stand requires no assembly when it arrives, further improving the ease with which it can be put to use, even right out of the box. The bike trainer is also designed to be stable, with a frame that is wider than average. The result is that the bike will sit securely throughout the entire ride. Also, at about $75, it is relatively inexpensive. The result is a well-built, secure, and affordable bike trainer that can handle most bicycles with 26 in., 27 in., and 700 cc wheels.

RAD Portable Magnetic Workout Bicycle Trainer

Rad TrainerThe portable workout bicycle trainer from RAD is a magnetic resistance trainer designed to be quiet, easy to store, and durable. Billed as one of the quietest bike trainers on the market, the RAD is designed to minimize sound for an unobtrusive workout. Perhaps its most outstanding quality, however, is its portability. The RAD, at about 17 pounds, is lightweight and folds in half to make it easy to store even in small spaces such as apartments. The RAD possesses a wide base and is solidly constructed in order to provide stability during the ride. The resistance on the trainer can be adjusted by changing the gears on the bike. Consumers report that the trainer provides a smooth ride regardless of the level of resistance for an effective but enjoyable workout and that it is durable, performing satisfactorily even with heavy daily usage. Consumers also report that the RAD is easy to set up, because it comes already assembled and can therefore be put to use within about 10 minutes of opening the box. The result is a trainer that is easy to carry, effective to use, and long lasting for any rider looking for a daily workout.

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