The Best Spinning Bike For Home: Reviews

The best spinning bikes offer a convenient way to get a gym workout out at home, allowing a solid, daily bike workout becomes possible. They are a great alternative when you don’t already own a nice mountain bike and/or apartment bike trainer. Generally, spin bikes have a few features in common. For instance, many have adjustable seats, continuous motion flywheels, quiet operations, and LCD monitors for tracking information such as distance biked and calories burned. However, each bicycle also sports a number of unique features that distinguish it from the rest of the spin bike market. For instance, price can vary greatly, from around $150 to more than $300. Other features that can vary include the drive (belt or chain), whether or not the handlebars adjust, included accessories, and more. Below are reviews of the top five spin bicycles on the market today.

Sunny Health and Fitness Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike

Sunny-Health-Fitness-Belt-DriveThe Sunny Health and Fitness indoor cycling bicycle with a belt drive offers consumers a number of features designed to make it versatile and powerful. For instance, the bike comes with both an adjustable seat and handlebars. The seat allows the bike to be tailored to consumers of varying heights, while the handlebar can be slid up and down to achieve maximum comfort for the individual user. The results are consistently positive reviews regarding the bike’s comfort level. In addition, the setup of the bicycle and adjustment of the seat and handlebars are generally reported to be very easy, taking less than 30 minutes. The only downside is that consumers report disappointment with the handlebars only moving up and down instead of also moving back and forth. Besides comfort, the Sunny bike offers consumers powerful and effective performance. The bike boasts a belt drive system and 49-pound flywheel and that gives it stability, resistance, and an exceptionally smooth cycling experience. The bike allows consumers to customize their cycling experience, making the bike appealing to riders from a wide range of experience and endurance levels. The result is a powerful, enjoyable, and effective cycling experience.

Phoenix Revolution Cycle

Phoenix Revolution CycleThe Phoenix Revolution Cycle offers the same versatility as other spin bikes, with adjustable seats and handlebars. However, this bike sets itself apart by possessing both seats and handlebars that move back and forth as well as up and down, maximizing the custom and comfort level of the bicycle for even very tall riders. Another feature that sets the Revolution apart is a direct drive system that allows the rider to pedal both forwards and backwards. The flywheel also differs from flywheels on other spin bikes by not continuing to spin once pedaling has stopped. Instead, the rider can control the speed at which the flywheel stops moving, allowing them to customize the intensity level of the ride. Consumers report that the Revolution is also easy to assemble within 20 or 30 minutes and is extremely well made. The only downside to the bike is that some consumers report being unhappy with its noise level when it is in use. Otherwise, it is a high-quality, customizable, and effective choice in the spin bike field.

Schwinn IC2 Indoor Cycling Bike

Schwinn IC2 Indoor Cycling BikeThe Schwinn IC2 indoor cycling bicycle stands out from other cycling bikes in its price range because of the presence of an LCD monitor that allows the rider to track statistics such as the distance traveled, the speed, and the calories burned during the workout. This display creates a motivating factor to encourage riders to continue working out. In addition, the IC2 is designed to feel as if the rider is traveling over roads outdoors. For instance, the bicycle offers the ability to increase resistance gradually during the ride. The outstanding quality of the ride, plus the bonus of the LCD screen, make the IC2 an appealing choice for any consumer looking for a realistic ride and measurable achievements. The bike also possesses quality construction, with a steel frame and rolling wheels for easy transportation. Consumers in general give the bike high praise for its performance. The only downside to the bike is the more basic nature of many of its other features. Otherwise, the Schwinn IC2 offers a realistic, challenging, and high quality ride.

Spinner Fit Authentic Indoor Cycle

Spinner Fit AuthenticThe Spinner Fit Indoor Cycle allows consumers to enjoy Spinner bike quality in their own homes. The bicycle sports a number of appealing features. For instance, the padded seat and handlebars are adjustable to provide a greater degree of comfort for riders. The only downside to these is that some consumers report that they do not adjust enough to make the ride comfortable for all consumers. In addition, the flywheel does not stop spinning on its own, allowing for a smoother and more effective ride. Other features that set this bike apart include a choice of tension levels to customize the ride, as well as an easy to use tension knob that makes switching tensions during the ride faster and easier. In addition to its durable design and excellent performance, the Spinner Fit comes with a number of accessories to improve the workout experience for the consumer. These accessories include training videos, a riding guide, and an 8-week weight loss program. Consumers generally find that the training videos are of low quality, but that the accessories add to the overall value of the bicycle. The result is a reliable, durable, and effective spin bike that allows the consumer to enjoy a spin workout without joining a class.

Sunny Health and Fitness Indoor Cycling Bike

Sunny Health and Fitness Indoor Cycling BikeThe Sunny Health and Fitness Indoor Cycling Bike offers consumers an affordable, basic, and reliable cycling bicycle. This version of the company’s indoor cycling bicycle utilizes a chain drive instead of a belt drive. However, this drive receives praise for consumers for its quiet and low key performance. In addition, this Sunny bike sports an LCD monitor that reports on the calories burned, the speed at which the consumer is pedaling, the time, and the distance traveled to give the rider a clear picture of how their workout is going. One downside to the bicycle is the seat. While the seat is adjustable, some consumers report that it is uncomfortable to ride on, to the point that it limits the amount of time they can workout on the bicycle. However, overall, the bicycle receives positive reviews for high-quality and durable construction, as well as for ease of set up and for the fact that it performs reliably even when used every day. The result of this bike’s solid basic features and reliable performance is a bicycle that can serve as an excellent every day exercise bike for home use, by both experienced and novice riders.

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